Monday, February 1, 2010

Thank you Flo Rider

for having the ONLY song on my work out playlist that I could actually stand to listen to this morning. Seriously, no matter what I did I could not find any other song to get me through those 3 minutes of running. Apparently "Oh hot damn, this is my jam" is literally my jam.

This week should be interesting since I am working this weekend. That's right kids... no weekend for me. I get two comp days next week to make up for it but everyone knows that having the day off during the week is not the same as a real weekend.

I'll deal though because the weekend of Valentine's day Steve and I are headed to Columbus to see all our friends! Sooo freaking excited. Also, while we are there, I am going to try running outside for the first time in Lake Bottom park. I used to see people running there all the time and I wished I was a runner so I could say "I'm headed to the park for a quick run". Who knew I would have to move away to finally get off my butt and do it?

Anyway... I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for the week ahead. I certainly am.

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