Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines' Weekend...

Where do I even start? This weekend was ten kinds of crazy/fun/strange.

First, on Friday Steve and I ended up missing our appointment with the financial advisor in an effort to get on the road on time since we slept in ridiculously late and ran into a few other issues. However, my sweet hubby did manage to suprise me with red tulips for v-day! He gave them to me early since he knew we would be traveling on v-day. They are actually potted bulbs that are blooming still so they are alive and (as long as I keep watering them) will last much longer than cut flowers. One of them actually bloomed over night last night!

Once we finally got on the road it had started to rain. The weather channel said ti was supposed to be a wintery mix and even suggested that snow was possible so we took our time. About 2 hours into the drive it started snowing. Yes, you read that right, about 45 minutes southeast of Macon it started snowing. It kept snowing the entire way to Columbus and got progressively worse the further west we drove. It took us 5 hours to get there and we saw a ton of accidents caused by people not driving carefully and sliding on the ice. This is actually being called the blizzard of 2010 it was so bad. But more about the snow in another post.

We finally get to our hotel and go to check in and then we're todl that they are over booked and they are bumping us to another hotel across town. The reason they are overbooked? A bunch of high school kids are in town for some Thespian conference. A) who books a large group like that at a 4 star hotel? B) who the heck in the hotel management approves such a large group of high schoolers at a hotel like that over Valentine's Day weekend? C) why didn't they inform us of this issue when they called us an hour before we arrived to confirm our reservation?

They sent us to another hotel and paid for that night's stay but by the time we got settled into the room and were abnle to get dinner it was almost 8 o'clock and everything was closed because of the snow. It was frustrating to say the least but turned out to be a pretty good night.

The next day we got mani/pedis (that's right, Steve got one too. More men should get them.) and went shopping before going back to our original hotel and getting ready for dinner. There was another customer service issue at the hotel but I'll just leave it at that. We managed to get settled in and ready on time and even got a good table at the restaurant despite all the theatre kids running around. We met our friends for dinner, which was amazing by the way, before heading to a new bar they told us about for drinks.

For the record, if anyone ever asks you if you want to go to an 80's bar you need to say yes. "eighty-five" is the new 80's alternative bar in Columbus and it completely rocked my socks off. We had a blast! The drinks were good and the music was even better. There was a good vibe in the crowd too. When the DJ played "Don't Stop Believin" everyone sang along and danced. It was a really good time.

By the time Valentine's Day actually got here Steve and I were exhausted! We ended up leaving Columbus early Sunday morning and got back to Savannah early afternoon-ish. We watched 500 Days of Summer and had a fruit/cheese/cracker tray for dinner and chocolate truffles for dessert before passing out asleep.

Over all it was a great weekend but now I'm dragging today. It was still completely worth it.

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