Monday, February 8, 2010

nobody gonna break my stride... not even me

I'm very easiloy discouraged. I'm the kind of person that when the going gets tough I pretty much pout and stamp my foot.

This is the reason why today was so incredibly hard. Today is my day off after working the weekend (and missing the super bowl) so all I really wanted to do was lay around and take it easy. The thought of running made me cringe because all I could think about was Saturday morning and not being able to finish the workout.

I convinced myself to get out and get to the treadmill though after reminding myself that this isn't abotu finishing the program, it's not about a 5K in April, it's not about other people or any event... it's about me and my body and making myself stronger and healthier.

After some internal debate I decided that repeating week 3 would be in my best interest. Since so much of this is a mental thing I figured giving myself this week to remember that I got this far would be a good reserve to draw on when I do try and move on.

As if to prove a point, my body started screaming at me around half way through. It was as if I had taken a whole week off from running. I honestly had to push through as if this was my first time doing week 3. There were a few good songs today but Emergency by Paramore was by far the most helpful.

All in all I have come to the conclusion that this program is not for the faint of heart or those lacking in determination. I imagine that this is not going to be the first timme where I want to quit but hopefully I can keep my focus and keep moving. A big thank you to everyone who encouraged me this weekend/week. It really helps to knwo I've got such great support behind me.

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