Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bugs are evil and my dog is awesome

We interrupt this really long blog silence to bring you a story about me, my dog, and a bug attack.

It seems that I have inadvertantly trained Finn to alert me to bugs in the house and then protect me against them.

For the record: I keep my house clean. Bugs come in because we have gross neighbors and it is summer in the south. You would be hard pressed to find a house without bugs around here.

Anyway, I went to use the bathroom downstairs and Finn blocked me. I'm thinking he just wants to play, but no. He actively blocks me from the bathroom and barks when I keep walking. Then I notice he's also pointing his nose at something under the cabinet. I look down there and there is a HUGE BUG just chillin like it's his house.

My rule for bugs is like this: bugs live outside. I won't kill them if they are outside. The minute they invade my house though, they are going to die.

After screaming and hiding for a minute... because that sucker was big and ugly... I took action. I put on my tennis shoes (to prevent the bug from going rouge and getting on my foot), grabbed the roll of paper towels and went in search of the Raid can.

Turns out, the only Raid we have is for wasps and other flying insects. This was not ideal, but I figured it would at least maim the ugly jerk enough that I could squash him without any last chance escape efforts.

I headed into the bathroom again with my supplies in hand and Finn by my side, ready to battle it out. I was still really grossed out because I HATE bugs with a firey passion, but I sucked it up since nobody else was there to kill it. I was too proud to wait until the cable technician showed up to get him to do it either.

Finn guarded the door to the bathroom after I went in to make sure the bug didn't escape (I didn't even have to tell him to, he's just an awesome battle wingman). I started out shooting Mr. Bug with a few shots of Raid to get him out from under the cabinet and when he did come scurrying out Finn blocked him from going into the hallway while I squashed him with my shoe.

There was a super gross popping sound when the bug finally crushed too. Ew.

He was buried at sea (ok, I flushed him) and I may or may not have done a victory dance. Finn got a treat for helping too.