Monday, November 25, 2013

I actually got a job

Thanksgiving break is upon us and very soon after the break ends it will be the end of the semester. It's a bit bittersweet since I've grown so attached to these children over the course of this fall semester. I'm going to miss them. It is sweet though to know that I am so close to achieving a huge personal goal. I have been working toward this particular goal for several years (since 2005) and I had to overcome a lot of personal demons along the way. There will be much rejoicing when everything is officially over.

One issue has made this semester particularly stressful. Of course I wanted to finish this journey strong and not slack off, but I was terrified that I would not find a job. We definitely do not have the finances to support another period of unemployment for me.

I said a lot of prayers this semester asking for help finding a job. As if in direct response, last week I received an invitation for an interview and by Friday I was the proud recipient of a job offer.

This job seems like it will be a great opportunity for me. I will be teaching hands-on science enrichment classes to students from Kindergarten to 5th grade. I will be working in schools all over Fulton and Gwinnett. This means I will get the opportunity to see a variety of schools, meet a large sampling of teachers and administrators, and teach in a wide variety of school settings.

It may not seem like a big deal to some, but seeing these different schools, and these teachers and administrators getting to see me teach, will likely help me a great deal when I am looking for a full time teaching job in the fall. It will be an excellent way to maintain my classroom management skills and build up my hands-on learning ideas.

I'm so grateful for this job and everything it means for Steve and I this spring. Not only is it a financial relief, it's a huge weight off both of our shoulders and is already lessening Steve's anxiety.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

job hunting is awkward

Hey I'm graduating in December, and this is crazy..... but here's my resume... so, hire me.... maybe.

Not gonna lie, that's kind of how I feel when I send out my resume these days. Each job posting I see for teaching gets me all giddy and excited about the possibility of actually being hired and having a grown-up job. Not only that, but to have a grown-up job in the field I love. That's not something everyone gets a chance to do.

It's also more than slightly nerve wracking since I know nothing is guaranteed. It is job hunting after all.

I never thought about all the various options available to me in education until I began my job search in earnest in the last week or so. Of course I want to teach, but there are various grade levels, there are public and private organizations, groups that specialize in specific content, groups that focus on specific learning disabilities....  the list goes on and on.

Not all of these places have job openings, but those that do are looking for passionate people with the degree to back them up.

I just happen to be one of those passionate, degree-backed people. Here's hoping for the best!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

it's about that time, folks

So.... I kind of abandoned this little blog of mine this semester. It wasn't intentional. I've been very busy doing teacher stuff and trying to finish my college career strong. It's not been easy.

There have been other things going on as well. Scary heath things I would rather not go into right now.... but yeah. It's been intense.

On a positive note, I have two weeks until Thanksgiving break (which is a whole week of absolutely nothing except holiday decorating, eating good food, and visiting family.... oh yeah, and a pesky doctor's appointment and little outpatient procedure, but whatever) and then just shy of two weeks after that until I am DONE.

Not done for the semester, not done for the school year. No sir, I will finally be finished with my undergraduate degree. I'll be the proud, slightly worn out, recipient of a shiny new diploma and Bachelor's of Science degree.

Yes, I will have spent nearly 8 years working for a big fat B.S.

I'll let you insert your own jokes related to that sentence. :)

I have already picked up my cap and gown, my honors cord (SUMMA cum laude, woot woot!), and spent the morning addressing graduation announcements.

It's weird knowing that I am graduating when I spend the entire week (and who are we kidding, a large part of my weekend) either in the elementary school teaching or working on lesson plans. I already feel like a teacher. I'm just missing the certification and the pay check.

Speaking of pay checks, I am applying to as many jobs as possible right now. I seriously NEED a job as soon as I graduate. So, if you know anyone.... a girl out. Just sayin'... summa cum laude over here... lots of great references.... super fun lessons.