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I'm Bekkah and thanks for reading my blog! I thought those of you reading this might want to know a little bit about me...

I currently live in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA with my husband, Steve and our two furbabies, Finn and Ronan. We own an adorable Mediterranean style townhouse full of old world charm, arched doorways, and way too many squirrels outside for my liking. I am living the dream teaching first grade in a school with a high population of Hispanic and Latino immigrants. No, seriously, that is my dream job even if it is crazy hard to do day-to-day. Steve works for a large telecommunications company as a corporate trainer. He has been with the same company since he was 19 years old!

The two of us met at a St. Patrick's Day party back in 2006 and began dating after running into one another again at a back to school party in late August 2006. I would have married him on our first date if I could have. He was just so sweet! Still is even after 10 years of dealing with my brand of crazy. :)

We are basically nerds. We watch Star Trek and the Discovery channel more than is probably normal. Steve plays a lot of video games. I can typically be found with my nose in a book or making random lists of things that need to be done and either color coding them or putting them into order by priority level. We will run away to Disney World pretty much the second we can acquire the funds and vacation time.

Lately we have discovered that adding to our weird little family has been more difficult than we had planned. We are in the process of figuring that out and this blog is here to help me document it all. The good, bad, and the ugly parts.

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