Sunday, March 30, 2014

Legos, broken bones, and the end of the school year

No, you aren't hallucinating. I am actually writing a blog post. It's been a little while.

I'm still loving my job teaching science. It isn't my ultimate goal, but it is definitely a great place to start right out of school. I'm being challenged by the busy schedule and necessity to memorize large amounts of science facts, not to mention being in a different school and a different grade level each day. It keeps me on my toes.

This week I a teaching a class on Lego robotics. Prior to this weekend I knew nothing about robotics and I hadn't played with Legos in over a year. A few hours spent fiddling with my equipment later and I successfully built and programed some awesome robots.

One of the best parts of this job is the constant need to learn new things. I am never bored.

As much as I love this job, I am looking for a permanent classroom teaching position for the fall. That was always the plan. There is a part of me that will not feel fulfilled until I have a class of my own an have the opportunity to get to see them develop as learners over the course of the school year.

It's my dream.

There are several vacancies in the school districts near me and I have been sending out my resume and applying to all I am qualified for. It's nerve wracking, but nowhere near as mush as the idea of not getting my own classroom.

Lastly, I will say that we had a bit of excitement in our house about a month and a half ago. We adopted another dog! His name is Ronan and he is an incredibly sweet (if not slightly clumsy) German Shepherd/Flat Coat Retriever mix. He has the unfortunate habit of eating the couch and our shoes, but he is learning the difference between food, furniture, and footwear.

Unfortunately, he play really rough and managed to help his brother, Finn, escape his leash about a month ago. We were terrified that Finn would get hit by a car while running around leash-less. Thankfully, a good Samaritan helped us corral him and bring him home. Both dogs were completely fine. I, on the other hand, managed to break my right index finger. hat made for some interesting times writing invoices and moving large boxes of supplies in and out of the schools/my car.

I'm out of my splint now at least and able to use the finger again. Woot! Woot!

Here's hoping I have good news to share in the next few weeks and I remember this little blog more often.