Monday, August 22, 2011

fall semester has begun!

Today marks the beginning of the fall semester for me and the 31,999 other students at Georgia State. Fun times my friends.

This semester is a pretty big one for me. I'm only taking three classes, but they are important ones. They are my last prerequisite courses for the College of Education. Being enrolled in them allows me to submit my application to the College of Education for admittance into the Early Childhood Education major. If I am admitted, I will be three semesters of coursework and a semester of student teaching away from being a certified teacher. I'll be four semesters from being completely FINISHED with my bachelor's degree.

As exciting as that idea is, I've been trying to keep a level head about the situation. After all, I still need to get through the current semester of courses and get accepted into my major. It doesn't sound challenging, but I know being successful in this is going to take a lot of work. There are 80 spots available in ECE and last semester almost 200 people applied. It isn't impossible, but it is certainly competitive.

My advisor assures me that my GPA and experience makes me an ideal candidate though so I am attempting to remain optimistic until I have a reason to feel otherwise. I have to believe in the things that led me to go into education and work with kids in the first place.