Friday, April 27, 2012

not a graduation, but a convocation

Very early on in the semester I found out that Georgia State was doing away with Fall commencement ceremonies in favor of one big ceremony in the spring. As someone admitted to a program that will not be complete until December of 2013, and as someone who will have waited 8 years for my college degree, this news was most unwelcome. I sure as hell was not willing to wait another six months to have my moment walking across that stage.

After pouting and complaining for a while, I found out that the College of Education would continue to hold convocation for all graduates in the semester which they complete their coursework. Since I had never attended a convocation, this news did little to make me feel better.

I felt very angry at Georgia State for making - what I perceived to be - such a rash and insensitive decision.

Fast forward to the present.... I finally saw pictures and video of the most recent fall convocation for the Georgia State College of Education. Not only was it a beautiful ceremony, but it was much smaller, much more intimate, and allowed for the event to truly reflect the specific triumphs of those graduating in the field of education. The keynote speaker, the Dean of the college, and everyone else is focused on the 30-40 new teachers receiving their certification and degrees.

Even better? I don't have to wear a cap and gown! As iconic as those articles of clothing are for graduation, I am happy to forego them in order to feel comfortable... not to mention maintaining my individuality throughout the event. It is difficult to tell one person from another when they are all wearing the same thing.

The more I think about having a convocation instead of a traditional graduation ceremony, the less angry and upset I get. I had the typical cap and gown, pomp and circumstance, boring commencement ceremony when I graduated from high school. It matched the typical high school experience that I had. I really love the idea of having a different, more personal experience when I (finally) finish college in just about 18 months. It compliments the distinctly unique experience I have had in pursuit of this degree.

By the way.... I get to apply to graduate at the end of the coming fall semester. Hold on to your hats, folks. The end is near!

Friday, April 6, 2012

nothing pretty about the end of the semester

This is the last month of classes and I am more stressed than I can remember ever being because of school.

We have a major project due every week until the end of the semester in addition to several less important projects due at the same time. Then I have my math class which is another headache entirely.

I feel like a huge whiner, but I really am super stressed. I've never taken 15 hours before. I certainly have never taken so many high stakes classes at one time. Getting a C could mean being dropped from the program.... which would be a nightmare.

I had a huge IBS flare up on Monday the likes of which I haven't seen since my days at the library in Savannah. It lasted three days. I've been chugging water just trying to maintain an acceptable level of hydration. Monday all I could keep in my system was ginger tea with a small bit of honey.

Of course, it wasn't strictly due to stress. I made some poor food choices last weekend and had an allergic reaction to peanut oil and dairy that really made the flare up ugly.

All of those things being said, that does not mean there are nto positives around here. In the midst of my issues this week I made my way to kroger and found an excellent brand of soy yogurt and soy cheese which are both lactose and casein free! They are also cheap and I can buy them at the regular grocery store. They also do not use genetically modified soybeans.

I believe that is pretty much the definition of a BFD in my book.

Yay soy products!

Another happy thing? I get to see Steve today (he's been gone for two weeks) and tomorrow we will be at the beach!

Yay beach time!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Great literature FTW

In case you were not aware, I have been reading the Harry Potter series this semester during what I call down time. Which usually means on the train to and from class or during the kiddos' karate lessons.

I had read the first four books when they initially came out. My grandma bought them for me as a birthday gift from her book club or something and I loved them. Then I got to high school and had enough reading to do with my AP and honors classes. Books 5 through 7 never made it into my reading que. It wasn't until after I had seen all of the movies that I really felt the urge to dive into the books again.

That urge to read them, coupled with the need for something interesting to take my mind off of those tedious moments on the train and a shiny new library card, brought me to where I am now.

Halfway through the last book crying over Dobby's death harder than I did in the theatre.

In all seriousness, I am loving this series all over again and finding some connections to my own life in the pages just like I did when I was eleven. It is times like this that I get excited about the day when I have my own children and they are old enough to read these books just like I read the Chronicles of Narnia with my mom.

With all of the craziness from school it is nice to daydream sometimes about Felix Felicis or some charm to cheer yourself up. These things make for great metaphors.