Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Sound of Slience

Things have been quiet here lately for a few reasons.... mostly because anything I had to say was wrapped in negativity and frustration. That's not what I want to put out into the universe. Then I realized that it's part of this process we signed up for and owning my emotions IS something I want to put out there.

About 2 weeks ago Steve and I got word from our agency that we have officially completed our homestudy paperwork and can finally be assigned a caseworker to finalize our file and send it to the state for final approval. Except for the fact that there is now a waiting list for caseworkers.

So, the waiting game begins again. We are hoping to be assigned someone before Thanksgiving, but I think it will likely be longer than that. I'm emotionally preparing myself to wait until the new year.

In the meantime Steve and I are making plans for enjoying the time we have as just the two of us. We don't have control over the when and how of our approval from the state or our placements, but we do have control over how we handle the waiting periods.

I hope those of you who still read this blog will join me in praying for a sense of peace in this season of waiting and for the children God has planned for us wherever they may be.