Saturday, December 31, 2011

new accessories and decisions to make

Clearly, I was a very good girl this year because Santa was good to me. I got tons of new running gear to help me with my goals this year including new shoes (that I designed myself) and a heart rate monitor/timer/watch/calorie tracker.

Yesterday I did a test run with the shoes and watch that was pretty good for being my first run after a month off. Considering the trainer had me bust my butt at the gym just before my run I feel like I did well.

Speaking of the gym... it's going to  be interesting fitting it into my schedule this semester, but after yesterday I feel like it will be necessary. If I want to be ready for the half marathon in the fall then I am going to need some more strength to pull from during my runs.

Now I've just got to decide what race to sign up for. Originally the Savannah Rock 'n Roll half was the plan, but I found out recently that the 2012 race is going to be in November instead of September. Not a big deal, but there is a half marathon going on in Atlanta on Thanksgiving Day that might be better. Basically no travel to mess with race prep.

I have time on my side though. Early Registration for both races goes through October. I think I'll make my decision later in 2012 once I'm further into training. Opinions are welcome though! Anyone ran a half marathon they had to travel for? We would have to drive for about 4 hours the night before the race if I do the one in Savannah.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

confession time

I haven't been out for a run since Thanksgiving.

I've been eating like a fat kid for the last two weeks.

Making consitant, healthy choices is not easy. It isn't always fun. In fact, it's hard work that gives results slowly and reluctantly.

I have some specific goals that I would like to reach this year, but that can't happen unless I put in the effort to stick to the plan of healthy choices. Time to pick myself up, dust myself off, and hop back on the wagon.

First up, a meeting with a personal trainer at my gym to get a true evaluation of where I am and make a plan to meet my specific goals.

We'll go from there....

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas craziness

I thought the running around crazy portion of Christmas was over when I finished buying and sending out gifts. For most people, it probably would be.

Not me.

Nope, for some reason I got a huge burst of holiday spirit and decided that I NEED to do all of the Christmas things RIGHT NOW. So much that I could not sleep. I laid in bed until 1am before falling asleep and promptly woke up this morning at 5:30.

Steve got plenty of sleep. Probably because I wore him out with my manic Christmasness. I actually tried to convince him last night that we should go get some candles to decorate the tree so it would be more traditional. This was shortly after I spent over an hour researching German Christmas cookies and shopping for expensive wooden cookie molds for a hard cookie that takes 12 hours to make and tastes like licorice.

Thankfully, I seem to have gained some much needed clarity in my 4.5 hours of sleep.

I narrowed the list of fun things to do for the holiday down to two big ones: 1) baking some holiday treats. Not even difficult ones. I'm going to make some treats for Finn and then whip up some cupcakes to take over to my parents' house for dessert on Christmas Day. 2) Attending the Candlelight communion service at the little church up the street on Christmas Eve.

This plan seems much better than wiping myself out in a blaze of manic festivity. I hope everyone has a relaxing and pleasant holiday!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

three point seven four

Final grades were posted this morning and I, being the highly obsessive person that I am, checked the onlline transcript as soon as I woke up. When I looked at the page I about killed Steve with my celebrating...

I made all A's. For the first time since I can remember.... probably elementary school.

Not only did I earn a 4.0 this semester, but I earned myself a spot on the President's list. I also bumped my cumulative GPA to it's highest point in my college career. 3.74.

It's amazing what you can do when you stop making excuses and apply yourself.... and when you are finally in the right program of study. That might have more than a little bit to do with it.

On a slightly related note, Congratulations to my older brother, Thor, on his graduation! He received his Bachelor's degree in Psychology yesterday from Georgia Gwinnett College.

I hope everyone else who graduated and those who are on a semester break has a relaxing holiday break. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December waiting period

It is now that weird part of December where you feel like you are in limbo... prepping for upcoming things while still waiting for others to finish.

I have ben done with finals since Thursday, but my final grades are not published yet. This has led to repeated calculations on my part utilizing "what if" final exam/paper scores to determine a general range for my final grade. Since being asked to join the honor society and making the Dean's List last semester I kind of want to keep the positivity going.

The other thing creating this weird feeling is the approach of Christmas. We decorated weeks ago, I've done Christmas crafts, told the kids my favorite stories, watched Charlie Brown and the Grinch, baked Christmas cookies, sent out Christmas cards, bought the gifts for family.... all that's left is getting together on the 25th.

I'm incredibly thankful for the ability to celebrate this year since last year was so nuts, but everything seems so much more relaxed than I remember. There is no holidy budget crisis, no last minute shopping spree and postal bankrupcy shipping everything out on time... just quiet nights with the lights on and cuddles on the couch.

I like it a whole bunch. In fact, I could get used to this.

Now, all I need to do is finish wrapping everything and come up with stocking stuffers for Steve and I will be all set. :)