Saturday, September 12, 2015

just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Dorri's advice seems quite appropriate for this particular point of my life.

Earlier this week Steve and I turned in the last of our homestudy paperwork to our agency. It's both a relief and a tiny burden because we know now that everything is out of our hands. Somewhere in our agency's offices there is a stack of papers with our name on it waiting for a caseworker to look through it and develop questions for an interview.

We are also furiously cleaning and organizing the house in preparation for this interview. It hasn't even been scheduled yet, but we are cleaning as if the Pope himself is coming over to give his blessing.

My classroom is also at a point where I'm having to simply trust in the plan each day as I go in to work. My kiddos are taking standardized tests right now which means very little time for instruction. It also means no ESOL services are happening. I'm having to trust my planning skills to make the most of the little time we do have to work.

Lastly, I am attempting to learn Spanish. I found a free app that is pretty awesome so far. I was able to have my first parent phone call completely in Spanish and the end result was successful... I count that as a win. Even if it was just me telling a mom that her daughter was sick and needed to go home. It counts.

Until next time...