Monday, March 28, 2011

Sometimes things don't work out at all

Especially when I have to do math.

Last night for dinner I was really excited to try a new roast chicken recipe. It was from a food blog I stumbled upon while making the weekly menu and both Steve and I thought it sounded delicious. So I decided to make it as a celebration of Steve being home from his business trip.

Long story short, I got a 5 pound bird instead of a 3 pound bird and didn't convert the cooking times.

If you have ever made a mistake and messed up a dinner that you were super excited about, then you can relate to the huge disappointment I felt when we cut into that beautiful bird to find the breast still pink and raw.

We stuck the bird back in the oven covered in foil to finish cooking and ate a bag of steamed peas to hold us over. By the time the chicken finished we were both too tired to really eat much. Most of it was saved and will be used in a chicken pot pie later this week.

Stay tuned though... in a tribute to my stubbornness and how much Steve was looking forward to this meal, I will be attempting to make thie recipe again on Friday. This time with the correct cooking time.

Friday, March 25, 2011

This week was awesome

This week the grandparents of the kids I take care of came to visit. Now, this family is fascinating in that the dad is Italian, literally from Italy, and the mom is Portugese, literally from Portugal, but they both spent most of their lives in South Africa. Because of this they have such an interesting perspective on life.

If I thought they were interesting before, then meeting the Italian grandparents was the home made marinara on top of the pasta.

First of all, they were incredibly warm and welcoming with me. Secondly, the grandpa showed me how to make risotto his way.

In case you didn't know, I adore food. Making it, eating it, giving it to anyone who ends up inside my house... I love food. Authentic food is the best to me though. When I go on vacation to new places I try to take some sort of cooking class so I can sample local cuisine and learn to recreate it correctly when I come home. So, the fact that this sweet little old man showed me how to make the most delicious risotto I have ever tasted completely made my day. Probably my entire month.

Sadly, they left today to spend time with other family that live in the states, but I hope to see them again soon. They made me feel like part of the family, just as my bosses do on a daily basis, and gave me more insight to the kiddos I help take care of during the week.

I wonder if I can convice the Portugese grandparents to teach me to make something if they visit?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a lovely Fat Tuesday

In my 8am class this morning someone had a white chocolate mocha latte from starbucks and ever since I have been craving one. It's been quite a while since I've had Starbucks and longer still since I had anything other than decaf. So, on my way home I stopped in a got myself one as a treat along with a cinnimon chip scone.

What the hell, it's fat Tuesday anyway. It's a day for treats.

As I got to our townhouse and walked in the door it hit me... I'm happy again.

I've been telling everyone for the last two months that I'm happier here in Atlanta than I was in Savannah. I've said how much better it is here and that I like various aspects better. All of that is true. However, until this afternoon I hadn't realized that I am once again feeling genuinely happy with life again. The simple circumstances of getting a coffee and coming home to spend the afternoon with my dog just highlighted the massive amount of small blessings I've experienced recently and I am truly thankful.

Depression is a serious issue and a devastating problem to have to deal with... something I never thought I would ever have to handle. Today I feel like I have finally slayed that dragon and can move on with my life.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

clothing WIN

Steve and I recently did a wardrobe overhaul. I mean a complete closet clear out and restock. We had a bit left over from our tax refund and decided that we deserved to spend some money on something just for us... something fun that would help up with our fresh start here in Atlanta.

Yes, my husband considers shopping fun. Be jealous.

So we cleared everything out that we either hadn't worn in over a year, didn't fit, had some sort of physical defect (rips, drastic fading, really worn, etc.) or just really didn't like anymore. Then, we went to our favorite stores and bought things that we truly love.

I stuck to Tim Gunn's wardrobe basics list for the most part, but with the left over cash I got some fun extras too. Taregt actually suprised me with some nineties-ish dresses that reminded me of things I wore when I was a little girl but fit and flattered my figure now. Here are some of the cute stuf I got while on my shopping spree. :)

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