Monday, March 28, 2011

Sometimes things don't work out at all

Especially when I have to do math.

Last night for dinner I was really excited to try a new roast chicken recipe. It was from a food blog I stumbled upon while making the weekly menu and both Steve and I thought it sounded delicious. So I decided to make it as a celebration of Steve being home from his business trip.

Long story short, I got a 5 pound bird instead of a 3 pound bird and didn't convert the cooking times.

If you have ever made a mistake and messed up a dinner that you were super excited about, then you can relate to the huge disappointment I felt when we cut into that beautiful bird to find the breast still pink and raw.

We stuck the bird back in the oven covered in foil to finish cooking and ate a bag of steamed peas to hold us over. By the time the chicken finished we were both too tired to really eat much. Most of it was saved and will be used in a chicken pot pie later this week.

Stay tuned though... in a tribute to my stubbornness and how much Steve was looking forward to this meal, I will be attempting to make thie recipe again on Friday. This time with the correct cooking time.

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