Wednesday, April 6, 2011

you should see my bed right now

It's a hot mess. I wish I were kidding.

I do my best paper writing when I am in pajamas and cuddled up on my bed. Considering I have two papers due tomorrow and another two major ones due next Thursday, it's no great mystery why my bed is covered in research and notes.

The biggest flaw in all of this is that there is no option of leaving everything spread out to work on late. I also can't work super late because Steve and Finn get cranky when they can't get to sleep because my reading lamp is on.

Eh... they'll survive two more weeks.

That's right, only two weeks left in the semester! I'm in the home stretch and then it's a month off from classes before summer session starts.

If any of you readers think of it between now and then, please send up some prayers that Georgia State decides to add the last class I need before teacher education to the schedule for fall. I REALLY woudl appreciate it. :)

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