Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter... the good, the bad and the ugly

Happy Easter! I hope everyone was able to celebrate in a way that was special and meaningful to them.

Steve and I spent this Easter doing our own thing for the first time since we started dating. We always go to his family's reunion/Easter celebration in Savannah, but this year we chose to stay home for various reasons. Mostly because I have finals next week and didn't want to chance being exhausted from the drive.

Since it was just us, we decided to start a tradition of getting a Honey Baked Ham for Easter dinner. Well, we got a mini ham and a turkey breast since I was wary of the ham. I caved at dinner however and went for the ham anyway.

Bad idea.

I have been so sick all evening! In all possible ways one can be sick regarding food. Not exactly the fun and relaxing Easter night I had planned.

The whole thing has got me thinking though... it may be time to just cut out meat again completely. Red meat is already out (except when I cave and grab some lamb, but that is a different story. I'll happily endure the sick feeling for some lamb) and I really don't see myself having any pork products again any time soon. That leaves chicken and fish, which are fine and haven't given me any issues yet, but it's not like I'm super attached to them.

I guess I'm just tired of my food launching counter attacks and making me sick. I'll leave the cute little pigs and cows alone and only eat things that don't have central nervous systems.

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