Sunday, August 2, 2015

an unexpected 10 year reunion

This weekend something pretty huge happened.

For those who don't know, when I was in elementary, middle, and high school I had a group of friends... two girls who were my absolute best friends on the entire planet. We did everything together. We had a weekly small group bible study meeting at church together starting in 6th grade. I have very fond memories of going to football games, having sleepovers, countless church events.... even prom. My first job was with one of those girls and we all went on an incredible road trip the summer after senior year.

It was the kind of friendship teen sitcoms are made of.

Unfortunately, our friendship didn't survive the transition into college and adulthood. Even though one of those friends came to the same school with me, things happened and our friendship ended rather painfully.

This was back in 2006 and I hadn't spoken to either of those women since then. Until yesterday.

My high school reunion was held last weekend and, though I didn't go, the event seemed to have sparked nostalgia for more than just me. One of the women I had been friends with reached out to me via Facebook and asked if we could meet to catch up. Curiosity and the little pieces of my heart still missing that friendship wouldn't let me say no.

We met at a local coffee shop near my house yesterday and ended up talking for four hours. Not just surface things, but genuine discussion including an honest and frank conversation abotu the things that ended the friendship all those years ago.

Apologies were given, explanations were provided... I never realized how badly I needed those things until they were given.

There was no bitterness and no blame handed out... it was just two people who had grown up making amends for the stupid and hurtful things they did when they were younger. Although I am sad that I will likely never reconcile with the other friend in our former trio, I know now to never say never.

We have made plans to meet up again and both expressed a desire to get together regularly now that we have cleared the air.

Knowing that a friendship can come back even after almost 10 years of icy silence has given my heart an incredible lightness and filled me with a sense of overwhelming peace. It's almost like God is showing me his incredible ability to heal and to trust him. With all the things in my life lately, I definitely needed the reminder.