Saturday, September 28, 2013

it's that time of year

No, I'm not referring to fall. Although I am happy about the beautiful weather and fall festivities, I am talking about the time of the year when my body starts attacking itself from stress.

Not kidding... not even a little bit.

I'm thoroughly enjoying my time at school teaching and I am having a lot of fun coming up with lesson ideas. The kids in my class are sweet and they are making great progress. However, there is a lot on my plate.

Between the lessons I'm planning, the two huge projects I'm navigating my way through, and keeping up with discipline/assessment/ESOL paperwork, I'm feeling a bit run down.

Thankfully I have an awesome cooperating teacher and a very supportive grade level who all do so much to help me out. I also have a supervisor who not only is an excellent resource, she also seems to know how hard it is to be in my position. Sometimes just that little bit of understanding is all I really need.

I have passed both of my observations so far with flying colors and I am all set to begin role reversal in a little over a week. I know it will go well, but I'm saying a lot of prayers anyway. I would appreciate any extra ones y'all might want to offer up. :)