Thursday, March 3, 2011

clothing WIN

Steve and I recently did a wardrobe overhaul. I mean a complete closet clear out and restock. We had a bit left over from our tax refund and decided that we deserved to spend some money on something just for us... something fun that would help up with our fresh start here in Atlanta.

Yes, my husband considers shopping fun. Be jealous.

So we cleared everything out that we either hadn't worn in over a year, didn't fit, had some sort of physical defect (rips, drastic fading, really worn, etc.) or just really didn't like anymore. Then, we went to our favorite stores and bought things that we truly love.

I stuck to Tim Gunn's wardrobe basics list for the most part, but with the left over cash I got some fun extras too. Taregt actually suprised me with some nineties-ish dresses that reminded me of things I wore when I was a little girl but fit and flattered my figure now. Here are some of the cute stuf I got while on my shopping spree. :)

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