Saturday, November 9, 2013

it's about that time, folks

So.... I kind of abandoned this little blog of mine this semester. It wasn't intentional. I've been very busy doing teacher stuff and trying to finish my college career strong. It's not been easy.

There have been other things going on as well. Scary heath things I would rather not go into right now.... but yeah. It's been intense.

On a positive note, I have two weeks until Thanksgiving break (which is a whole week of absolutely nothing except holiday decorating, eating good food, and visiting family.... oh yeah, and a pesky doctor's appointment and little outpatient procedure, but whatever) and then just shy of two weeks after that until I am DONE.

Not done for the semester, not done for the school year. No sir, I will finally be finished with my undergraduate degree. I'll be the proud, slightly worn out, recipient of a shiny new diploma and Bachelor's of Science degree.

Yes, I will have spent nearly 8 years working for a big fat B.S.

I'll let you insert your own jokes related to that sentence. :)

I have already picked up my cap and gown, my honors cord (SUMMA cum laude, woot woot!), and spent the morning addressing graduation announcements.

It's weird knowing that I am graduating when I spend the entire week (and who are we kidding, a large part of my weekend) either in the elementary school teaching or working on lesson plans. I already feel like a teacher. I'm just missing the certification and the pay check.

Speaking of pay checks, I am applying to as many jobs as possible right now. I seriously NEED a job as soon as I graduate. So, if you know anyone.... a girl out. Just sayin'... summa cum laude over here... lots of great references.... super fun lessons.

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