Thursday, February 25, 2010

heading outside

Today was my first attempt at running outside and it felt absolutely incredible! Since I don't have a watch yet to time myself I ran the c25k distance intervals rather than time intervals and I went my longest distance to date. Very exciting stuff.

At first I thought I was going to freeze my tush off it was so cold and windy out. When I got into the workout though I started warming up and the cold wind felt good. It helped me keep from feeling overheated.

Probably the best part of running outside was the fact that I didn't have all of those counters and timers and technological crap in my face psyching me out. I was able to just... go. It was also nice to physically see the distance I ran. The distance tracker on a treadmill can give you numbers but looking at the path and seeing it in a tangible form made me feel really good.

It was hard to keep my pace steady. I kept going super fast and having to bring myself back down to a more reasonable pace. At least now I know that it's an issue for me and I can work on it before April.

Overall a very good day. I've set a small goal for myself too. If I stay on track with the program and make it through week 5 day 3 within the next week and a half then I get a massage!

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  1. Running outside is very liberating! I hate treadmills and all of their bells and whistles too! I am so slow when I run on a treadmill!

    I hope you get that massage! I like the idea of treating yourself when a goal is met. You gave me a great idea!