Thursday, February 18, 2010

exactly what I needed

For those of you who don't know, my mother-in-law had surgery this week. Steve and I went to visit her while she was in the hospital and it was a really intense experience. First, just being in the hospital gave me the creeps but seeing her in that bed and in so much pain scared me. We also found out that she has officially been diagnosed with diabetes, a disease that terrifies me after seeing what it did to my grandfather. I kept seeing myself in a similar situation in 20 years if I didn't start making good and healthy choices now.

Earlier this week I also spoke with a few people on the heath and fitness board I frequent about my difficulties with the C25K program lately and how discouraged I have been feeling. They gave me some great advice and really encouraged me to keep going.

Both of these things were exactly the boost I needed to get me going forward again.

I've found a park near my office where I can go to run outside after work instead of always using the treadmill and I really think that will help me a lot. It will also be a good way to avoid rush hour traffic and allow myself to work through any frustrations from work. Steve is completely on board and has even suggested ideas for afternoon snacks and other things to make running after work easier on me.

Finally, one of the blogs I've started reading posted a great strength workout that I think I am going to start using (with maybe one or two modifications depending on the day):

20 dips
50 crunches (any style)
30 push ups
50 squats
50 lunges
Repeat 3 times

Thanks to Run, Sleep, Rinse, Repeat for the suggestion!

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