Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday randomness

It's friday again and I find myself in a really good mood despite the fact that I have to work tomorrow and Sunday.

Today while I was eating lunch I had a sort of epiphany. As this blog has outlined, I am in the beginning/ middle stages of a lifestyle remodel complete with daily fruit/veggie consumption and excercise. As I ate my sandwich topped with all kinds of veggies and drank from my big 'ole water bottle I realized that I was really enjooying my meal. I wasn't disappointed that subway only put a "tiny" bit of meat and cheese on the sandwich... I was glad because that meant there was plenty of room for the incredibly flavorful veggies!

I'm not saying that I don't still crave macaroni and cheese or big fat slices of chocolate cake.... that would be a lie. What I am saying is that I'm no longer anti-veggie or anti-fresh fruit. I'm not feeling punished or deprived by eating good-for-me foods and that makes me smile.

I've gotten some good recommendations and advice from the ladies on's health and fitness board about more things to try. But more about that later.

I'll leave you all with my weekly reason why my husband rocks:
Last weekend we went shopping and what did I come home with? That's right, Steve got me a Coach bag. When your husband makes room in the budget to suprise you with a super cute designer handbag he pretty much rocks. :) And it doesn't hurt that he also surpassed the three month non-smoking mark this week too. He just rocks all around!

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