Saturday, January 30, 2010

the power of three

I was really intimidated by week three of the program... and pretty much every week after week two. Now I realize that my fear is the reason why I never kept going. I doubted myself and my ability to push that hard.

This morning I felt like a lamb headed to the slaughter as I got up and ready to head to the gym. I was so nervous that my stomach condition was flaring up and I had to take medicine for it for the first time in almost 2 weeks.

When I got down there though I had my music going and I just busted it out. I told myself not to look at the timer on the treadmill and just focus on the music or a spot on the wall. And you know what? I got through it. The last three minute jog I really had to dig in and push but this entire time I have had to push... it's the point of even trying this.

I'm really proud of myself right now. Of course, my music helped keep my focus off of the difficulty and on the positive. Today Lose my breath by Destiny's Child helped me get past my mental barrier about that 3 minute jog and helped set the tone for the workout.

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