Friday, January 8, 2010

hitting the ground running

This week I started my new job and let me tell you, I have hit the ground running on this one! Who knew libraries were such busy places?

Just as a quick recap, I am now working as the assistant to the information literacy coordinator at Savannah State University's Gordon Library. I'm going to be doing everything from putting together information packets to working the circulation desk and all the little details in between.

So many people think of libraries as big buildings full of books... and to some extent they are. However, libraries all over the country are working hard to keep up with the digital age as well as provide as many different research resources as possible. My entire department is devoted to helping people learn about resources available at the library and how to properly conduct academic research.

These are some big tasks. Luckily all of the people I have met so far are very dedicated to what they do.

I think one of my favorite things about my last job, the reason I didn't mind the occasional tedious or frustrating task, was that I felt like each thing I did had a purpose. I felt like my showing up to work and getting it done made an impact. Just in the short amount of time I have been at my new job I have gotten the same feeling. It feels like I am a part of something good and worthwhile. Hopefully that feeling will continue through my time there.

In addition to my new job, I am also starting back to school this semester. I have my advisement session today and Monday classes start. I've got 16 classes left until I finish my degree. If I go only part time (2 classes) spring, summer and fall then I will graduate in 2 and a half years. Let's all keep our fingers crossed and pray that I can knock these classes out within that time frame!

Finally.... as it is Friday, I would just like to say that my husband rocks because he happily eats dinner even when I burn the bacon and the toast. He also scores major brownie points for not making fun of me for burning dinner for the first time ever.

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