Monday, November 23, 2009

our weekend in Columbus

Steve and I got home last night from our weekend trip to Columbus around 8:30 and pretty much just fell into bed and slept as much as possible. We had a BLAST and loved getting to visit with all of our friends (some of whom we hadn't seen since our move in August) but all the action and emotional highs have left us super tired.

Friday night we had dinner with a few friends at one of our favorite places. Saturday we woke up early and went to the day spa for (well deserved) 30 minute deep tissue massages (paid for with money I earned cleaning houses with Steve's grandma). That afternoon Steve went out to visit with people he used to work with and I got some much needed time with my twin! Finally, the day ended with a Columbus Cottonmouths hockey game. They played the Huntsville Havoc and, although we lost, there were a TON of fights... and we all know that the only reason I really enjoy hockey is because of the fighting. :)

Sunday was the annual TKE Wild Turkey event and a big reason why we visited the weekend we did. Every year, the weekend before Thanksgiving, Steve's chapter of his fraternity has an actives vs. alumni football game. Everyone brings a side dish and after the game everyone has a big meal together. It's a lot of fun to watch and also a great opportunity to meet the people Steve talks about in his fraternity stories.

This year it was incredibly cold and rainy during wild turkey. A ton of people still came and we had a blast... we were just huddled under blankets the whole time and the guys got really muddy. Here is the picture of everyone who played... taken after the game:
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