Thursday, November 5, 2009

all of my english teachers were right

This morning I had a job interview. I know, amazing right? I was really excited about it and I feel like it went really well. Now I'm just playing the waiting game for their decision.

It was a typical interview really except for one thing. They asked me to take a writing test. As in, here are my notes on what I want in the letter (some of which were in shorthand)... please sort through it all and give me back a professional looking and intelligent sounding letter that I can send out.

Granted, I have been writing professional letters for a while now but never under so much pressure and usually not without some sort of reference guide to make sure I have the technical aspects right.

The guy literally handed me a page of notes and told me when I was done he was going to go through it with a red pen to see how many mistakes I made. Uh.... holy intimidating skills test batman!

I pushed through it and I think I did well but all I can think about is how english teachers across the country have been vindicated. Yes, you really do need to know proper grammar and usage as well as how to write professionally.... you never know when you will be tested on it!

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