Friday, November 6, 2009

my husband rocks!

Look over to the righthand column for just a minute... see that new ticker over there? That little beauty is all about Steve and his awesomeness. He ran out of cigarettes one week ago today and instead of running out to get more he chose to quit! He has been completely smoke free since Halloween. :)

Even more amazing is that he is doing it pretty much cold turkey. He's got some Nicorette gum that our health insurance paid for just in case he gets a bad craving but he hasn't needed it since Tuesday.

I am so proud of him. We had discussed him quitting a few times and agreed that he would do it sometime before we had kids but the specific timeline was up to him. I was completely shocked how quickly he made up his mind to quit after smoking for nine years but I'm so happy for fim!

This week my husband rocks because he finally decided to stop smoking and has been smoke free for almost a week!

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