Thursday, November 26, 2009

I heart the holidays!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Steve and I had a great day with family and ate some really good food.

After dinner was over and we spent some time relaxing at our apartment we decided it was time to start decorating for Christmas! We pulled out all of the decorations from storage, as well as our tree, and got to work. Here is the finished product:

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Our adorkable tree with all kinds of fun ornaments. We have everything from home made ornaments from my aunt Kim to vintage Star Trek and superman. The whole thing makes me smile because it is very much a blend of Steve and I.

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I had to point out our panda tree skirt. We found this in a box of Christmas stuff at the house the Christmas after we found out about the AOII colonization at CSU and I love it!

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Christmas village part one and our advent callendar.

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Christmas village part 2! I think the little church is my favorite because it's lit by an actual candle so the light flickers.

There is a wreath on the door too but I can't get a good picture of it...

Putting up Christmas decorations always makes me excited. Between the decorating, the excitement from Thanksgiving today and preping for the mini-Thanksgiving we're having on Saturday with Jed and Nicole I'm just about to burst!

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  1. My mom so has that exact same tree skirt! AH, it takes me back to my childhood just looking at it! =))

    Happy Holidays!