Friday, November 27, 2009

mmm... bread

This morning Steve and I had to roll our sleepy butts out of bed and take his car in for service because the check engine light was on. Long story short, we were stuck there for four hours and left with a much lighter wallet and a fixed car. Thank God for Steve's bonus and actually being able to afford the repairs.

After that whole mess we pretty much wanted to act like veggies the rest of the day. However, Thanksgiving dinner part 2 is taking place tomorrow at our apartment and there my be a riot on our hands if there isn't fresh bread. In an effort to save the town of Port Wentworth from massive amounts of pouting (from my younger brother AND my husband) I set to work in the kitchen.

As soon as I started the recipe I started feeling more relaxed and by the time I got to kneading the dough I felt the stress from earlier slip away. If you have never made bread, I highly encourage you to attempt it in the near future. It is really easy if the promise of relaxation or the taste isn't enough to sell you on trying then do it for the smell... seriously, I can't think of anything better than the smell of bread baking in the oven.

Finally... I have to give credit where credit is due. Today is Friday and time for the weekly reason why my husband rocks. This week Steve deserves major kudos not ONLY because he has gone four weeks without a cigarette. That in itself is amazing and I am extremely proud of him. However, he also gets major bonus points for going to see New Moon with me on Monday! That's right, when I acted like a crazy 13 year old fangirl (the likes of which nobody has seen since my N'SYNC phase) he still chose to be seen with me in public. I am one lucky lady. :)

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