Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

I know, I know, MHR is usually done on Fridays. However, yesterday I was driving across the state to come visit all of our friends in Columbus! My car is pretty awesome but it doesn't have wi-fi so I am doing my update today.

We made it to Columbus safely and have been enjoying the comfort of spending time in the city where our relationship began. You never realize just how much you miss someplace until you go back to visit. Last night we went out to dinner with friends, tonight we will probably try to make it to the hockey game and then Sunday is Wild Turkey so there is plenty to keep us occupied while we are here. At the same time though we made sure to fit in time to just sit back and enjoy the weekend and time with each other.

This week, my husband rocks because he is a really fun person to road trip with and vacation with in general. A four hour drive can be a lot for some people but Steve laughs and jokes with me the whole way... or sings with the radio... or we play dumb roadtrip games like the alphabet game. We have a lot of fun on our various trips and I'm grateful for that because I love road trips!

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