Wednesday, October 27, 2010

little things

This morning I went in and had my bloodwork done. The good news is, I should have some answers from that tomorrow. The unpleasant news is that getting the bloodwork done required me to spend the morning in the hospital (waiting, getting my veins stabbed....etc.) which completely creeped me out. I hate hospitals. They're creepy and they scare me.

It sort of started my day off on a weird note. So, in an effort to brighten my own day, I picked the puppy up from daycare (he spent the night with his friends last night), picked up some incredibly cute fabric at Joanne's to make my friend's baby quilt, and gave myself a manicure!

I bought a dark purple a while ago on a whim and never used it. I never had the guts to rock such a dark color... no matter how much I really love it. Today is the day I chose to take the plunge. For those who are curious, here is a picture of the color - midnight in moscow.
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(note, these are not my hands)

I think I'll add it to my toes too since it's Halloween.

Also, for those interested in celebrating along with Steve and I, Steve will be officially smoke free for a year on Halloween! I plan to make lasagna and something really good for dessert to reward him. He gets major props!

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