Sunday, October 17, 2010

date night and dinner inspiration

Last night Steve and I met up with my friend/sorority sister/former roomate and her new husband for dinner while they were in town for their honeymoon (they were the ones we went to Atlanta for last weekend). We decided to try out a cute little Greek place on River Street called the Olympic Cafe and it ended up being a great choice!

The food was delicious, the restaurant had a very romantic atmosphere, and the service was better than many of the places Steve and I have been to in Savannah. I finally got to try Spanakopita (pretty good) and Steve was thrilled to be able to get a plate of feta cheese as an appetizer.

Interestingly enough, the star of the evening turned out to be the lemon potatoes served as a side dish with our dinners! They were these tender, lemony bits of heaven. I even asked our waitress for the recipe so I could attempt them at home! Unfortunately, they wouldn't share. So I hopped on google in an attempt to find something similar.

To our incredible excitement, the recipe was very easy to find. Apparently everyone loves these potatoes as much as we did! We decided to try it out tonight in combination with the lemon roast chicken dish I have made before with great success. The dish is currently roasting away in my red polka dot pan and making the house smell incredible. :)

Last night's dinner was great, but the evening continued and got even better after we left the restaurant and went our seperate ways. There is a little place in the city market downtown that sells gelato. Steve and I love this place.... they always have delicious home made flavors and the people who work there are so friendly.

We stopped in last night and ate our little bowls of the creamy goodness while people watching in the square. It was just the kind of casual, quiet, happy evening that ends up being effortlessly romantic. By the time we made it back to the car I was humming show tunes.

I'm so grateful to finally feel like I could be breaking out of this terrible funk I've been in for months. It's weird, nothing is really different except my perception. Clearly that makes all the difference in the world.

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