Tuesday, July 20, 2010

puppy love

Steve and I are quickly finding out that new puppy = no sleep, very little quiet time to ourselves and a new appreciation for plastic bags and hand sanitizer. It also means our cat currently hates us.

I was dragging quite a bit at 5am when my alarm went off and I took Finn out for our morning walk. Thank God he is so good on a leash because I was fairly zombie-ish walking around the apartment complex with him.

Poor Steve is desperately trying to get over a sensitive nose so he doesn't gag when he picks up after Finn outside. Our apartment complex has pet stations in the grassy areas so nobody has an excuse for not picking up after their pet, which is incredibly effective and convenient. However, Steve has never had to do the plastic bag trick before and I would say that, over all, he is not adjusting to the practice very well. He still looks absolutely green when he comes in from walks.

Tonight I am going to try and take Finn for a bit of a run. We've done short little bursts a couple times, but never anything prolonged. I think he'll like it. And since I'll be taking him for walks anyways, I might as well get in some good exercise.

I have Friday off this week (thanks to my stint at the circulation desk on Sunday afternoon) so I plan to take Finn over to the park that morning. He's never been so it should be a lot of fun! With any luck he'll get a chance to meet my brother and sister in law on Sunday as well.

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