Friday, July 23, 2010

menu planning and grocery line pride

Steve and I sat down today and planned out our menu for the next week or so. I'm really excited about what we have planned as it's all relatively simple recipes but healthy and well balanced (for the most part).

Tonight, for example, we're having the chicken we learned how to make on our honeymoon last year and a mixed green salad. The chicken is really simple but includes tons of veggies and a tiny bit of white wine.

Later in the week we have balsamic green beans and mashed sweet potatoes... all kinds of yummy "Treats" that are actually pretty good for us.

All of these good food choices led to a very healthy looking grocery list of course. This made me so happy.

Maybe I'm the only one... (this would not suprise me since 1) I'm incredibly weird, and 2) I care WAY too much what other people think about me) but when I go to the grocery store I strive to be able to be proud of every item I put on the checkout belt.

When I have junk food or a bunch of processed food in my cart I feel like the cashier is judging me. Probably because I am judging myself. I feel so much better when I leave the store if I have a lot of fresh ingradient-looking stuff rather than pre-made stuff.

Again... maybe I'm just weird. Today was a great grocery day though.

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