Monday, July 19, 2010

Introducing the newest member of our family...

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He is a 12 week old German Shepherd mix and we are completely in love with him.

We found him on then called the rescue group he was with (Manes & Danes in Pooler) and found out that he would be at their adoption event on Sunday at Petsmart. So we went with high hopes that he would be a good fit for us. In the past we had found dogs we loved in pictures, but didn't really connect with in person.

That was definitely not the case with Finn!

When we first got to Petsmart Finn was getting a checkup with the vet so we waited for a few minutes while he finished up. All of a sudden, the rescue worker comes through the door to the waiting area with this sweet boy running right for us with a big puppy grin on his face. He jumped right into my arms and gave Steve and I big kisses. We knew right then and there that he was ours.

After walking him around for a few minutes to makes sure we weren't completely giving in just due to cuteness, we went ahead and filled out all the necessary paperwork so he could come home with us.

Once he was officially ours, we took him on a mini shopping spree through the store for the necessities: food, food and water dishes, crate, gate to keep him out of the cat box..... and of course toys and treats. :)

So far we have discovered that he loves puzzels and treats. His treat puzzle is pretty much his favorite thing ever and it's hilarious to watch him play! He also has some funny expressions... which are only made cuter by those ridiculously adorable ears.

If you couldn't tell, I'm completely smitten with our little guy. :)

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