Saturday, July 17, 2010

meeting the neighbors

We have been living here, in our apartment in Savannah, for almost a year now and until yesterday we had never met our neighbors. I know we should have introduced ourselves a long time ago, but we just never did. I guess we're social wimps like that.

However, when I came home from the doctor yesterday afternoon I noticed some flowers outside of the door of our neighbors downstairs (the ones directly below our apartment) with a sign that said "just married".

Being a July bride myself, I was so excited for them and felt like maybe it was time to meet them.

So, I went upstairs and grabbed a bottle of wine (we always keep a bottle or two - or five- of our wedding wine on hand) and a little congratulatory note and headed back downstairs.

Our neighbors were so suprised! They were grateful for the wine and we ended up talking for almost an hour. They're a young couple like Steve and I, and it turns out, they got married the day before our anniversary! We agreed that we should get together for dinner sometime and I am looking forward to having them over.

It's nice to make unexpected friendships.

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