Thursday, December 9, 2010

A coincidence? I think not.

Not many people know this, but the Thursday before my wedding I had to go to an emergency care center and get checked out by the doctor because of a sudden onset of a bad cold/virus. It was bad. I could barely talk because my throat was so sore, my lymph nodes were swollen, I was congested.... pretty much the worst cold of my life and even worse because the biggest event of my life was less than 48 hours away.

At one point the doctor thought I had mono and I was terrified of having to tell all of our guests that the bride looked like death warmed over because she had felt like dancing in this fountain at her bachelorette party:
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Everythign turned out fine though. The doctor said it could be a physical manifestation of stress and told me to take it easy. He also gave me some precription strength cough syrup just in case. One dose of the medicine and taking an extra day of vacation from my job and I was good as new.

Fast forward to now, the day before my surgery, and I really think the same thing is happening. Yesterday I felt like death. My throat was sore and my nose was congested. Not a good thing while trying to get ready for surgery. So, I took the rest of the day and today off of work to let myself rest, and used my magic throat remedy just in case. 

Today I feel a million times better.

I really think I have a strange habit of letting my stress and anxiety out physically. I think my body just picks up on my emotions and decides it is going to make me face whatever the issue is or make me physically feel like crap until I do.  

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  1. I'm glad you're feeling better!

    I took a stress management class in college and it was such an eye-opener about how different people carry their stress.

    Mine manifests itself physically too, which sucks, but also makes it easy to recognize now that i know what to look for.