Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advice from 1915

A few weeks ago (maybe a bit more, I'm not quite sure) my mom found out that a distant cousin had some items that had belogned to my great-great-great grandmother. Yes, that's three greats. If I've got my family history correct, and since my mom reads this blog she could let me know whether or not I do, I'm pretty sure this is the same woman who was the original owner of the watch I wore pinned to my dress on my wedding day. The mother of my grandma Nora.

Anyway, of course the family wanted these things of hers so the guy dropped them off with my uncle in Pennsylvania and they made their way south.

There were some really neat things included in the mix of items (like my g-g-g grandmother's DAR application which filled in some gaps in our family geneology) and a beautiful dining room table that I currently have dibs on. I'm not exactly sure how I would get it here from Pennsylvania or how I would get it refinished, but it's gorgeous and in great condition... not to metion over 100 years old and full fo family history.

By far the most interesting item to me is a famer's wife handbook from 1915 that I have inherited. This book was published to help wives figure out how to solve any problem that may come up on the farm or in the home including medical, veterinary and homekeeping advice. It is fascinating to read the advice!

Some of my favorites:
- clearing pimply skin is as simple as washing the face with borax and lye soap each night.
- snorting borax also works as a wonderful decongestant
- recipes for baking a cake in a woodstove

If I ever go back in time I am set for life!

In all seriousness though, there are a few great recipes that I'm definitely going to try. There are also some strange but useful solutions to household issues that I certainly intend to try the next time they come up.

Oh, and my baking soda and white vinegar cleaner is in there! I feel vindicated. :)

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  1. Haha nice. Cant wait to read about those recipes