Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I went home from work today sick. Granted, those of us with chronic conditions have different definitions for the word sick - today is one of those days where "sick" means "not contageous but can't function properly in polite society".

I started feeling awful on Sunday during my 8 hour shift in a 90 degree building with no windows or anything. Then, the next day I felt bad too and was actually physically ill.

Tuesday I managed to get it together and make it through the day/night fairly well. I even managed to go on my morning run without any issues.

Then I woke up this morning. Just as sick, if not worse, than I felt on Monday and still tried to make it through work. Bad idea.

So now I'm home- rockin my leggings and oversized sweater - cuddling with a worn out pup home from daycare early and the cat. I look awful since I'm so bloated I have my own gravitational pull, but whatever. At this point I don't care.

The whole situation is annoying because it's just a really bad episode of my IBS and it's causing me all this trouble. I feel terrible but I don't look "sick" so my coworkers think I'm a big fat faker. At least I have an appointment with the doctor on Friday and we can try and figure out how to deal. At the very least I'll get some documentation on my condition so nobody at work can say anything.

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