Sunday, September 19, 2010

a productive weekend

I'm currently sitting on my couch waiting for the dough for the dinner rolls to rise and my mother-in-law to arrive. She's coming over to the apartment for the first time since we moved in and we're all having dinner together. As a result, Steve and I pretty much spent the day cleaning and getting things ready.

The menu for tonight is balsamic marinated chicken (from my DAR cook book), sweet steamed peas and whole wheat dinner rolls (from my Taste of Home cookbook). It's all very easy and simple, but great for a lazy indian summer evening.

Also accomplished today were a batch of Vegan Lemon Wheat Muffins that I found over on PreventionRD's blog. I may not be a vegan, but I am a fan of delicious muffins that are also fairly good for you. These came out really good, but I think next time I might try adding blueberries since the lemon is really subtle. Although I will say, if you like lemon cake as much as Steve and I do, these muffins are right up your alley. They're really moist and have a great texture with a hint of refreshing lemon flavor.

Between the muffins and the dinner rolls I've kept my kitchen pretty busy as of late.... not to mention all the new recipes I've been trying during the week for dinner. I'm finding that I really enjoy taking part of my weekend to bake. I spend a lot fo time cooking, but baking is not something I usually take time to do even though I have tons of great recipes to try. I'm thinking that I may make these weekend baking efforts a part of my routine when I don't have to work.

By the way, the new Taste of Home magazine came in the mail yesterday with all the incredible fall recipes inside. I've dog-eared several recipes to try out in the coming weeks, most of which include cranberries (which I love!). There was a recipe for pumpkin and cranberry cakes that sounds like heaven.

I hoep everyone else had a great weekend and enjoys the rest of their Sunday!

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