Thursday, September 16, 2010

a few of my favorite things

I am channeling a bit of my inner Maria from the Sound of Music this morning. The day started out kind of rough with the dog jumping on me wanting to play at 4am (after not letting me get to sleep until after 11pm). The hot water for my shower lasted a grand total of 5 minutes for some reason and the hem of my pants fell as I was getting into the car for work (5 minutes late).

BUT, like I said, I'm channeling my inner Sister Maria this morning so I'm going to list some of my favorite things in hopes that I won't feel so bad. :)

1) Twinings Earl Grey tea - Did you know they make this in decaf? I did not. At least until about two weeks ago while I was browsing Kroger. Since I'm supposed to stay away from caffeine but I love me some Earl Grey, this became my new favorite thing. And it's from Twinings... which only makes it better.

2) Noxeema - The kind that comes in the blue tub... not the new "reformulated" crap in a tube. This stuff seriously makes my face glow. It's the only thing (besides some witch hazel) that has ever allowed me to have nice skin. Thanks to my mothe rin law, I also found out that it works sort of like aloe to soothe burns too. Who knew?

3) shasta daisies - To quote Meg Ryan from You've Got Mail, "Aren't daisies just the friendliest flower?" It's true, they are. Nothing makes me smile quite like a big bouquet of white shasta daisies. I almost used them in my wedding bouquets, but my florist would have had a heart attack lol.

4) Fage greek yogurt with honey - This is a relatively new discovery, but I'm finding that I may not be able to survive without it for long periods of time. Greek yogurt is pretty much just liek regular yogurt, except with more protein per serving and I think less fat? I don't know. What I go know is that Fage brand is incredibly creamy and the honey mixed with the yogurt is one of the most delicious little treats I can eat at my office. It's pretty much always in my lunch now.

5) blueberry pancakes - Speaking of delicious food, I would be remiss if I did not include blueberry pancakes on this list. I've considered growing a blueberry bush just for the ability to have more blueberry pancakes in my life. You can't help but be in a good mood while eating them... they are delicious!

6) Project Runway - Oh, how I love this show. Tim Gunn is completely adorable and watching the designers panic every week is pretty much addicting. I DVR it every week so I can watch it when I'm not distracted or working on homework.

7) Glee! - Yes, I'm a Gleek. This show is completely adorable. Then again, I am a complete fan of musicals and cheesiness so this is pretty much right up my alley. I'll be so happy when it starts back up again.

That's all I've got for today.

Tomorrow I'm taking Finn to daycare for his evaluation! If he passes then he will get to stay the rest of the day and start full day daycare next week for three days each week! I'm so excited for him. He is always so upset when we leave him during the day. He's also starting his puppy classes on Saturday, so there will be plenty to update about this weekend!

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  1. I love, love, love Greek yogurt! Fage is delicious, and so is Chobani if you haven't tried it. If you like Chobani on FB I you can get some coupons for free yogurt. The less fat depends on which percentage you buy, 0% is fat free, 2% is low fat, and then the one with just the brand name is full fat, so it just just depends on what kind of yogurt you're comparing it to I guess too, regular, low fat, or fat free. I usually buy the single serving 0% plain cups, and then mix in my own honey, so I can put just a bit and save on some sugar and calories. It comes out so yummy, and not overly sweet.

    And I can't wait for Glee to start up again next week! Gleeks rule! =)