Friday, October 30, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

Last night we were watching Ghost Whisperer reruns (our new favorite show) and in the episode the main character's husband died. Automatically I start thinking about how I would feel if something like that happened to Steve and the emotions were completely overwhelming. So... there I was bawling my eyes out two minutes into the show. When he realized what was going on, Steve turned to me and started tickling me and saying the most random stuff. At the time it was sort of annoying because I have been doped up on pain meds for my toothache and thus exceptionally grumpy the last few days. However, when he finally stopped I was smiling and laughing with him.

Today when I was thinking about what to use as my MHR for this week I kept thinking about last night and all the other times he has done everything he could to make me smile and laugh and be happy. Whether it's a tv show that hits a little too close to home or a real life tragedy or just something random that makes me mad/annoyed/upset.... he's there with funny faces and tickling and everything else to help me feel better.

All of that being said, MHR because he is always able to make me smile... even when I don't feel like I can.

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