Monday, October 19, 2009

A day worth writing about

Today did not start out well. In fact, by the time afternoon rolled around I was feeling pretty frustrated with job searching and the various other issues that have arisen since Steve and I moved here in August. However, as soon as I stepped out my front door on my way to the grocery store and the breeze hit me, my mood instantly improved.

It's the first truly fall-like day of the year here in Savannah. The weather is cool and crisp, the trees are just hinting towards their colorful encore and, for once, the air actually smells like something other than the paper mill and low tide... it's refreshing. Today is the type of day that makes me reminisce about apple picking and cider making when I was little and makes me want to bake bread and go on a hayride. Today is the type of day that I cherish because all of the warm fuzzy feelings I associate with the fall season come rushing in to cheer me up.

Fall is my favorite season for many reasons, not the least of which being that it coincides with football season. Everything from the colors to the food and the holidays that occur during the autumn months make my heart smile. I was worried that I would miss the season completely being in a coastal area like this but today proves that my fears were unfounded.

In an act of gratefulness for the arrival of my favorite season, and the much needed warm fuzzies, I am taking the rest of the day to relax in some of my favorite ways. I am cuddled on the couch in cozy pajamas, cuddled up in my new favorite quilt (a wedding gift from my aunt Kim), reading and drinking coffee with gingerbread flavored creamer out of my favorite mug (it's green with a rocket ship on it and says NASA). Later, I am planning to chat with some dear friends. All the while I'm listening to my "cozy" playlist made up of all my favorite bluesy, indie, country songs. As I type this Bonnie Raitt is crooning out "Angel From Montgomery" so I lift my coffee mug to those reading this and send my warmest wishes for a happy fall y'all!

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