Wednesday, October 14, 2009

grocery shopping

Although menu planning is typically done on Mondays this week has been a little strange with the hubby and I being gone. So... that means that today was menu planning/ grocery shopping day.

I'll be the first to admit, I adore grocery shopping. It is an activity that combines two of my favorite things... shopping and food! Just like any serious shopper, I'm as picky with where I buy my food as I am about where I buy everything else. Not suprisingly, there are very few places in Port Wentworth, GA that I enjoy shopping for food at. Since I had to get some non-food items, today was a walmart day (one of my least favorite places on the planet) and it was.... walmart. Every aisle was crowded and it took me 30 minutes to sort through the produce to find stuff that wasn't wilted or bruised.

BUT.... I did manage to get everything I needed and stay within my budget.

I also got to try out my nifty new grocery gadget when I got home too! Behold, the One Trip Grip!

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It holds the straps of your grocery bags so you have one convenient handle and can carry more groceries at a time. Since I live in a 3rd floor walk-up apartment the less trips to the car the happier I am. Today I managed to get everything inside in one trip!

So... in about an hour I will be starting dinner (a new recipe from one of my nest friends). I'll post the results tomorrow. :)

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