Monday, November 1, 2010

trying something new

For the last week I have been eating a vegetarian diet in order to give my poor digestive system the opportunity to chill out a bit. The last month and a half has been miserable and I needed to find some way to make it even a tiny bit better. Eliminating meat and dairy was a suggestion from my doctor since those things can be rough on the tummy sometimes and I reluctantly gave in and gave it a try. At least, mostly. I still refuse to give up cheese.

Amazingly enough, it's working! I'm not 100% feeling better, but it's enough to allow me to function semi-normal again which feels like heaven after so many weeks of hell. I'm no longer feeling queasy in the morning when I wake up. The stabbing pain after I eat is mostly gone. It's still there when I eat too much and when I try and run, but if I watch myself I can go several hours without being in pain which is a huge improvement!

The down side is that I'm saying goodbye to some of my favorite foods for the time being. I have no idea if this is something that will become a permanent change in my life, but a lot of that decision rests on what news the doctor has for me once my tests all come back. Either way, it's looking like this will be a turkey-free Thanksgiving for me this year. :(

Speaking of tests, my consultation with the gastroenterologist is on Thursday afternoon and the results of my bloodwork should be back any day now. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers that whatever is causing these problems will be easily identified and treated.

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  1. I have suffered from IBS since I was 14, and one of the only things that helps me is reducing the amount of red meat I consume, so I definitely know how you feel. Another thing that I noticed helped was cutting out fruits and veggis with too much insoluable fiber in them, like grapes and peas. I hope everything works out for you soon and you can start getting used to your new diet soon :)