Tuesday, November 23, 2010

not the best way to start the day

This morning at 7am I had my HIDA scan. It wasn't what I was expecting (no getting naked) but it still wasn't really a pleasant experience.

If you've never had an IV before (like me prior to this morning) I'll let you in on a little secret... they hurt! I am typically pretty good with needles. Getting blood drawn isn't an issue. I just don't look at the needle and I'm fine. Umm, yeah. That strategy did not work today. The radiologist did a great job and only had to stick me once, but that one time still felt like my arm was being ripped open. I blame it on the fact that they have to use a big needle.

Anyway, the proceedure itself wasn't too bad since I was just laying there for an hour. The worst part was after the 30 minute mark the radiologist woudl inject this stuff into my IV that was essentially the test material. It would show whether or not my gallbladder is doing its job. However, this test fluid has the crappy side effect of making me feel like I'm going to vomit. Every 3 minutes I would get another dose of "thank god I haven't eaten anythign or it would be all over yoru shoes".

After it was all over I got my super cool arm bandage and permission to eat and drink as much as I want.

This would be much better news if I wasn't still feeling nauseous and didn't have this funky metallic taste in my mouth. I coudl also do without looking jaundiced and feeling ridiculously bloated.

My results should be in tomorrow. Hopefully the doctor will at least have something constructive to go on.

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