Friday, March 12, 2010

So excited!

Our wedding photographer just emailed me to let me know our wedding album is on it's way to us! Eeek! So freaking excited!

Ok, so some of you may be thinking "didn't you get married in July?" And you would be correct. But, with the move, me being super anal about choosing pictures and the album company messing it up the first time (which my photographer caught and corrected for me) it has taken a little longer than usual.

I'll post pictures when it gets here but I'm ridiculously excited. I love the pictures from our wedding and I can't wait to have our album to show them off more! I must say, my photographer, Carolin of MPC Photography, has been incredible through all of this. Since the first time we met with her until now there has never been a single time I have ever been anything other than completely satisfied with her services. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a photographer.

Last but not least: My Husband Rocks!

Seriously, he truly does. Yesterday, when the Eclipse trailer premiered, he sent me a text and email with the link so I wouldn't miss it. He has also already agreed to go see it with me the week it comes out. (side note: opening night crowds freak me out which is why we aren't going opening night.) Having a husband that humors my fangirl tendencies rocks. :)

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