Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My letter came!

I've posted about it pretty much everywhere today... might as well make it a full set of internet attention whoring and post here as well.

My letter from the college of education came in the mail today and I got into my degree program! I will start my first block in the spring and graduation is set for December 2013. I am so stinking excited I can't stand it.

As a matter fo fact, I out nerded even myself when trying to explain my excitement to Steve this evening. Our conversation went like this:

Me: I actually cried when I got my acceptance letter.

Steve: Well, I imagine you were pretty relieved. You've been stressing since before your interview.

Me: Yeah, I felt like Hermione must have while waiting for her Hogwarts letter.

Steve: .... *silence*....

Me: you know... really really wanting to go be a smarty pants but having to wait on the damn owl with her letter. Only I just had to wait on the mail man.

Steve: you realize you're a bigger nerd than me now, right?

Whatever... If I get grades like Hermione too I really don't care how nerdy it is to cry over an acceptance letter. And Steve likes Battlestar Galactica. He still wins the title of head nerd in our house.

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