Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's the little things

This morning I woke up to an email saying that the college of education at Georgia State has invited me to join the education honor society.

You better believe I sat bolt upright in my bed grinning like a fool. I even woke Steve up to tell him.

I've never been asked to join any kind of honor society. Excluding elementary and early middle school, my grades never would have qualified me for that kind of distinction until very recently. Apparently someone noticed how much I've been busting my butt these last three semesters.

After the crazy day I had yesterday trying to be in about ten places at once, it was a nice email to wake up to. This week in particular has been rough between school, work, classroom observations, and trying to keep myself ready for this 5K next week... you can pretty much forget quality time with Steve and Finn. I needed a small reminder that it is all going to pay off very soon.

I'm also taking this as a good sign for my interview on the 11th. If they want me to be a part of the honor society then it stands to reason that they are confident that I'll be accepted into the college of education.

Still, no garauntees. I've still got my fingers crossed and my game face on.

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